Friday, January 25, 2008

skylight, gravity's

The Skylight climbs remain fat, and seem to be healing each night. The current debris piles are well consolidated.

The Ribbon probably has enough snow packed at the bottom to get up it. The small wintry blasts we continue to get, have kept folks away though. I'm sure some visiting ropegun will soon break a trail up the Talisman as well.

The Engineer climbs are holding in, although definitely showing the effects of the recent sunny spells. Parts of each route are either punky foam or sweet blue goo. Often right next to the other. Still fun, watch the weather.

As we get to warmer weather, be sure to check out fixed anchors before you commit to them. Pitons can loosen, blocks can fail, and threads can melt in the course of a day.

THE PARK is in fantastic shape. There are great sticky blue lines everywhere, and not so many climbers around. Everyone is looking forward to the Chicks festivities, and good conditions. It appears that the holds and draws have been removed from the comp route. So all those hoping to send, will have to wait till next year.

Cheers and Cold Thoughts, CC