Sunday, January 20, 2008

General Ouray Conditions

I had a request for an overview of the major areas. Here goes!

Telluride: No reports, but I think the ice hose is still difficult, Bridalveil is fine I'm sure.

Silverton: Whorehouse is in good shape, still lots of snow on Stairway. It will take awhile before that is good to go. The OB wall is still housing many fine routes awaiting climbs, as are the buttresses on the north side of the valley heading into Eureka. I would imagine the gullies are pretty filled in and dangerous.


Dexter Creek Slabs: In good shape, no track up there as of now.

Cascade Falls: Has held together well. It was climbed yesterday, and was funky as usual. With interesting leaf climbing thru the middle section.

Camp Bird Road: Skylight climbs are FAT. Ribbon has some ice on it up high, and lots of snow the whole way. It could be climbed, but the spindrift and avalanches have not subsided much. BBB looks pretty dry. The Talisman looks about the same as it has, no reports of anyone climbing it yet.

Horsetail Falls: Some ice on it, although mainly a snow wallow. Haven't seen any tracks all year.

Bear Creek: These climbs are still there, but do not look as good as they did a week or so ago.

Engineer Pass Climbs: All in good shape. Mixed emotions, Blue Condition, Kennedy's, Gravity's, Gravitational Pull, Gravity's Test, and Over the Rainbow are all excellent routes for the grades.

Ouray Ice Park: The park is looking good. The south end is regrowing quickly, and everything else is in excellent conditions. There are lots of stiff pillars in the lead area now, a couple new bolted sport routes near Tic-Tac, and the best environment for learning to ice climb in the world.