Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring in the San Juans

Changing seasons here in the San Juans. One day its beautiful and the next it snows a bunch!

There is plenty of good skiing around, and super nice rock climbing in the sun as well. It should be a good alpine season, although maybe a little later to start perhaps. It has definitely been a late winter around Ouray. Not sure how the roads are plowed out everywhere, but there is still a lot of snow up high.

June and July should prove to be great times for climbing snow and ice routes on the high peaks of the Sneffels, Wilson, and Cimarron ranges.

Right now we are all climbing in the desert or Black Canyon or skiing. Hope everyone out there is enjoying Spring as well! I'm headed to Alaska for a 12-day alpine expedition, but am already looking forward to the sunny rock climbing and beautiful alpine climbing back here!

Cheers, Clint