Friday, September 30, 2011


Hi, this is Andres reporting from Kyrgyzstan.
We are finally back in the capital after espending 20 climbing in the Torugart -Too range.
This range is located in the border of Kyrgyzstan and China. We where the firts americans on visit this awesome range and we also had the opportunity to climb 2 unclimbed peaks a 4000 and a 5000 meters peaks.
Both of them where great 1000 meters climbs full on crazy awesome alpine faces with lots of ice, rock, snow and great views.
Our approach to the range was by horses 3 days each way did make the experience super magic and little painfull. As you can imagine 3 days on a horse can get pretty crazy. In fact, my partner philippe fell out his horse bruising himself pretty good.
Anyhow, now is time for us to hang out in the city and wait a few days for our return back home.
I'm super excited to be back in san juans and start getting ready for the ice and mixed climbing season.
Hope to see you all there this winter.
Photos from this trip will be posted once I get back.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seasonal Update

Here is our Seasonal Newsletter. It outlines the great climbing around now, as well as some of our upcoming trips and promotions.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Late Summer Snow!

Well it looks like Autumn is well on its way to the San Juans. The last couple mornings we have woken up to a fresh dusting on the Amphitheater above Ouray. This morning was the most snow yet. Hopefully we keep getting early snow in the highcountry, and then we'll have one of those epic early seasons again. Its been a few years since I've climbed Birdbrain and the Ribbon on Halloween, but maybe this year!
A not so great photo of the new snow in the Amphitheater.
I'm headed back to the Utah desert shortly to get in some more sunny rock climbing over there! This next week of weather looks great for some late summer adventures. Come on out and climb one more San Juan peak, climb a classic route in the Black Canyon, or go to the desert for some towers. Make the most of the good weather coming our way, it'll be winter soon!
Cheers, CC

Monday, September 5, 2011

Awesome Traverse of Mt Wilson & El Diente.

Ray and I had a great trip into the Wilson's near Telluride over the holiday weekend. We enjoyed a nice hike into upper Navajo Basin on Saturday afternoon via the Rock of Ages Trail. This new access to the Wilson's is incredible. The weather was quite stable with just a few light showers in the area. After a relatively warm evening spent in the high alpine, Ray and I were on route at sunrise on Sunday morning. Conditions were perfect for what can be quite a long day on the traverse. Ray was super strong and we made great time. This is such a remarkable setting. Thanks Ray for a great trip.



Great Climbing in the San Juans

Happy Labor Day!

Well, it is officially the end of summer, but there is still plenty of Summer Climbing Season left here in the San Juans. We have had lots of guides out in the high peaks, on the crags, and in the canyons. Teakettle, Dallas Peak, and Sneffels have been very popular as of late. 

It is also a great time to start getting into the Black Canyon, Unaweep, and other late season climbing areas.

Get out and enjoy the rest of the nice weather!