Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect Conditions on Teakettle Mountain

Climbed Teakettle on Sunday with a couple nice folks from Colorado Springs. We got an early start and enjoyed perfect snow conditions both ways. The SW Couloir route has to be one of the highest quality alpine routes anywhere with that short an approach!
Here is the view of the summit block from the top of the snow ridge. solid and blocky climbing for 30 feet to the small perch on top.
Looking west through a notch near the top to Mt
Starting back down the ridge with Potosi in the background.
Alpine conditions are getting primo!
Cheers, CC

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twin Peaks Guided Hike

Had a beautiful day up on the Twin Peaks Trail today with David and Joel from the Midwest. There is till a bunch of snow on the trail up higher on the North aspects, but it is manageable.
Enjoying the first of many scenic vistas.
The beautiful City of Ouray from 2,500 feet above.
David takes in the grand panorama from the summit. Potosi Peak and Whitehouse Mountain are in the background.
Making our way down through some nice Spring vegetation with the peaks behind.
David demonstrates good log and pole crossing skills to his entertained brother.
Thanks guys! Great day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potosi Peak

Mark guided long time SJMG family member Julie from New Mexico on the imposing Potosi Peak on monday. This peak has a certain notoriety for being loose and unpleasant, but as you'll see from the photos its good right now! Just make sure you have good snow skills and get an early start.
Mark nears the top of the couloir.

Julie enjoys the view from the top.

The only scree on the route, at the very top.

A short thin ice crux provided a smidge of excitement!
Nice work!