Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mammut 150 Peaks Project - Castleton

Here are few pics that John Catto shared with me from our recent climb of Castleton Tower. It was one of the first events for Mammut's 150 Peaks Project to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Stay tuned for the finished film piece on our climb, coming soon...
SJMG Guide Pat Ormond bringing up the wheels for Sean O'Neil's wheelchair.
Whole team on the summit of Castleton.
Looking across to climbers in Fine Jade.
A-List Extreme Cameraman Jay Smith hard at work.
Get ready to go down, like the sun...
Happy Trails, CC

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October on the Camp Bird Road

Well, I guess winter must be close. We took a drive up the Camp Bird Road today, and there were guys drytooling near the Skylight. There were the good beginnings of ice on a number of climbs including the Ribbon, Racing Stripes, and the Talisman. Hopefully the nice weather coming our way doesn't knock it all down, or it could be epic come November!
Unknown climbers scratching away...

Ice forming down most of the Talisman.
Looking down Canyon Creek towards the Bridge of Heaven.
Ice starting to form on the Ribbon.
 Happy Hunting, CC