Monday, September 6, 2010

Dolomites 2010: Challenge, Adventure, and History.

Artist's rendition of the famed Tofana di Rozes. This beautiful limestone peak has seen many versions of human struggle. A key strategic point during WWI, the Tofana has also been the home to a history of rock climbing development in Italy. It has classic routes from the early 1900's as well as modern desperate free climbs.
Just returned home from the Dolomite Mountains of Northern Italy. It seems like yesterday I dreamed of being able to guide in such a beautiful and historic range. I've led a bunch of trips there now and they all rank super high on my list of enjoyment.

Bill and I have climbed a lot together over the years, and I was psyched to get to show him what are some of my favorite routes anywhere on the planet. Here is our hit list.

Torri di Falzarego
Cinque Torri: Via Miriam on Torre Grande Cima Sud, and Via Olga on Cima Ovest
Tofana di Rozes: Primo Spigolo
Pomgagnon: Punta Fiames - Spigolo Jori
Tofana di Rozes: Pilastro di Ghedina
Sasso di Stria
Crepe du Oucere Basso

The classic training ground of Cinque Torri, complete with hot tub at the hut.
On top of Torre Grande di Falzarego after completing the awesome south arete traverse of both towers. The Lagazuoi is in the background.

12 pitches up the Spigolo Jori.
Bill grins after cruising the stout UIAA V+ crux on this long classic route.
Just another 2000 foot limestone wall. Can't remember the name, looks like a mini Eiger northwall.
Monte Piau.
Thanks Bill. See you next year! 
Ciao, Clint