Monday, December 27, 2010


This past Sunday we had the first Kids Ice day of the season.
We all had a super good times.
It was great to see how psyched this kids were about ice climbing.. It will be great to see this great ice climbers 10 years from know. In the end they are going to be the future of the sport right !!!!

The instruction that they had was top notch.
(In this photo Clint Cook SJMG director giving 101 ice technique)

Is never to early or to late to practice, try, or master Ice climbing!!!!!!
If you have any doubts check out this little Ice master :)
Stay tun up and get your ice on!!!!!.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Current Ouray Conditions

Currently the Schoolroom and Kids Wall are open for climbing, and are in ok shape. Colder temps are forecast over the new year holiday so hopefully we will get some new ice grown.

The Skylight area is in pretty good shape and seeing plenty of traffic. The recent wet snow in the highcountry has coated a number of climbs in a thick snicy concoction. We should be able to start venturing out a little further this week, and will post what we find!

Cheers CC

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lots of Ice Climbing!

We had a busy weekend despite the recent nice weather. A number of guides were in different spots, but I had the distinct pleasure of guiding Anthony C. from Australia. Ant had some alpine experience in New Zealand, but this was his first trip to Ouray.

We spent the first day at the Skylight area climbing Slip Slidin Away, Slippery When Wet, and the 1st pitch of the Skylight. Day 2 we went to Whorehouse Hoses and found super good conditions on the whole route. Here are some pics.
Anthony topping out the 70m 1st pitch of Whorehouse Hoses.
Your local friendly mountain guide. Top of Pitch 3 Left.
Ant raps our last pitch.
Right Pitch 3. WI4, a tad hollow in the middle.
Ant raps Pitch 1 as another party heads up the groovy left side.
It's sweet out there! CC

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Some days ago myself (Andres) and my partner Steve House decide to go climb the Talisman.
We had the opportunity to do the first ascent of the season, and for our surprise we find the route being very engaging.
The first pitch was totally dry so we end up taking the right side where we wore able to climb some frozen Mose.
The second pitch it was awesome very hard mixed climbing with a great ice pillar finish.
Here Steve is starting the third pitch. What a great pitch.... Very steep pitch.

All good times with a great climbing partner.Talisman pitch by pitch rating as we find it:
P1: 5.6 R S
P2:M6 WI 5+
P3:WI 5+

Andres Marin, Steve House.