Saturday, September 17, 2011

Late Summer Snow!

Well it looks like Autumn is well on its way to the San Juans. The last couple mornings we have woken up to a fresh dusting on the Amphitheater above Ouray. This morning was the most snow yet. Hopefully we keep getting early snow in the highcountry, and then we'll have one of those epic early seasons again. Its been a few years since I've climbed Birdbrain and the Ribbon on Halloween, but maybe this year!
A not so great photo of the new snow in the Amphitheater.
I'm headed back to the Utah desert shortly to get in some more sunny rock climbing over there! This next week of weather looks great for some late summer adventures. Come on out and climb one more San Juan peak, climb a classic route in the Black Canyon, or go to the desert for some towers. Make the most of the good weather coming our way, it'll be winter soon!
Cheers, CC