Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Experts Seminar

The Experts Seminar is in full swing for 2008, Bob & Sandy are busy hangin it out there. This session has been packed. During the first two days we did a ton of work on steep ice technique & lots of leading in the park. Today took us to Gravity's Rainbow. Still in great condition and a true San Juan classic. We looked at topics such as strategies for climbing as a party of 3, multi-pitch anchor management, and rappel transitions.

It seems like Gravity's will be around for a while. The top of the first pitch of Kennedy's Gully looks to be melting out a bit but I think one might be able to connect Blue Condition and the upper part of Kennedy's for a great outing. The pillars near Over the Rainbow seem to be doing OK as well. Better get on them soon though!

Two more days for the Experts. Thur. will focus on companion rescue. One of those things you never want to use but feel good being familiar with.

Happy Trails!