Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice Park

The snow arrived right on schedule today, we'll see if we get as much as predicted.

Climbed in the lower park today, and found great conditions. Both Scottish Buttresses are in fine M3-4+ conditions with fun delicate climbing. The Optimator and Popsicle continuing to grow and offer great steep pillar climbing right of the floor.

Yesterday, a few of us took some laps in the lead-only area. We started with Abridgement WI4/5, it really the only route seeing much activity and is a good introduction to the lead-area. There were 2 or 3 parties plugging their way up it after us. The rest of the pillars require a bit more patience and gardening to climb. We then climbed the pillar between Abridgement and Whitt's World. It was a bit delicate and cauliflowered in places, but offered fun WI 5 climbing. We then headed down and plowed up Le Pissoir. It had a nice 2 day stubble, and Mike was raining down some fine margarita makings. All-in-all a fine afternoon.

Photos: 1. Abridgement 2-4. Le Pissoir