Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Alain sent me these photos from their climb of Mixed Emotions yesterday. Looks spicy! Here are Alain's comments.

"great route - 3 x 35 meter pitches!! thin conditions.
Pro is soso - 2 x 70meter ropes would be Ideal, we rapped of the tree on last pitch, to top of first in cave ( 60 meter rope just makes it!!!) we had one 70 and one 60m and made it
no anchor was found on top.
We rapped off a miners pin at the cave to the ground. (left a yellow cord and binner)
Rack - KB's - Stubbies / Screws - wires - Cams (.2 to #2 camelots)
1st pitch is a little dicy
2nd pitch even dicier
3rd pitch thin ice ( not as easy as it looks!!) sketchy topout"