Friday, January 18, 2008

Jan 17 conditions

Things have been cold the last week, and many climbs are big and fat. 

There are big piles of debris at the bottom of most Skylight climbs, but the climbing is superb on all the routes. I did skylight, slippery, and the dumpster with guests today, and they were stoked on conditions. 

Yesterday I went up and had a go with the right Over the Rainbow pillar. The Canadian Hells Angels had done it I know, and maybe another party. They called it Grade 6. I got really pumped, but the climbing is excellent. Despite the initial look of it, the left pillar is significantly easier. The far right ramp route is in fine shape as well for the grade 3 leader. Be wary of changing snow conditions if you head up there next week. 

Kennedy's and Blue Conditions look good still, and Abraxas looked doable if a bit sporty. Apparently Mixed Emotions has remained a bit wet, and has not yet been climbed.

All for now, I will try to get Rainbow photos up soon.