Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ouray Ice and Snow conditions

Well, it has continued to snow vigorously this week. The pass has been closed a few days now, but the skiing up Weehawken has been good so not all is lost.

The ice in the park is in great shape, and there is plenty of swinging to be done if you get off the beaten path. The routes up Skylight continue to fatten up. The road has been gated at Senator Gulch for a while now. Even though they are plowing it much farther. This scenario makes it very difficult for locals to enjoy the road skiing they have come to expect on the Camp Bird Road.

Skyrocket aka. Bride's Veil is in great shape, and the wallow isn't that long. I'm sure the Engineer climbs are healing up, although this week's forecasted sun may change that quickly. The Dexter Slabs are big and solid.

All for now. CC