Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eureka climbs

Today I drove by Gravities Rainbow on my way to Silverton. Gravities was looking especially beat out with obvious delams and rotten sections with horizontal cracks running thru the lower section. I think you might be able to squeak an ascent in but it is definitely user beware at this point in the season.

In Eureka, things are looking good but the snow has been a major inconvenience. I guided whorehouse hoses which is phat and especially nice now that there is a solid trail going to the base. The lower and upper pitches are great with good sticks and solid ice. There is obvious avalanche debris between the first and second pitch so be aware and make sure to check the avy report for any future ascents in this valley.

Stairway to heaven (which we were hoping to do) does not have a trail kicked in and looks as if you could ski it. If anybody wishes to kick in a trail and clear snow from the route with a large broom, please be my guest!