Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bear Creek Ice!

Thanks Again to Alain, Calixte, and Jay! They made the most of the ice this season, and got some great photos too! Here is their final installment for the 08 season.

want to say THANKS for the snowshoes last week.
This is what we were up too.... Bear Creek, did solar circus, WI5+ conditions, VERY wet, and extreme daggers over us! a MASSIVE peace broke after we were back to safety! very lucky, it would of killed us.
Long approach, 3 1/2 hours, bit good times.
We tough it was a FA until we rapped down and saw a V thread top of last pitch on climbers right. Must of been an ascent earlier in the season.
we had been looking at it for a while and was formed earlier, broke off and formed again recently.
This was our last mission with Jay before leaving the Ice world. Have to say, Ouray was awesome!!!

anyways, here are a few pics for your blog....
We finally left the cold and made it back to Moab, now in Austin Texas after a long 3 day marathon behind the wheels...
feels good to be in T - shirt now!