Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ophir/Ames area

Slipped over to Ophir area today for a little ice climbing, and snuck in a bit of skiing too.  We were hoping to climb up in Crack Canyon, but found the east facing climbs in poor shape with all the warm weather.  Looked as if they were great until a day or so ago...  Skied up in the canyon to see if anything was in on the west facing wall, but found only snow.  So we settled with a fun mixed/thin ice line on the lower Ophir Wall.  It warmed up and nearly fell apart as we climbed, but was quite enjoyable.  

While out and about, we had a look at Ames Ice hose - it looks fantastic.  Thick on the upper pitch, and a wee thin at the start.  Ames Falls looked good as well, although a tad wet...

The bonus of the day was GREAT CORN SKIING over the talus slopes below Crack Canyon and the Ophir wall.  Who would have thought we'd have good corn snow already??  With tonight's storm it will be a bit longer before we get to enjoy that again though.  When we left, the storm system was moving in fast with strong winds out of the SW.