Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ouray Backcountry Ice

Visiting guide Matt H. and I climbed Horsetail Falls today. The creek crossing was a bit tricky. But with the recent cold temps there was ample ice to get across. With so little snow it got a bit scrappy getting up the cleft that leads to the climb. The climb itself is in good shape, though it is still early season ice. Which is to say, there is plenty of ice to climb but it has lots of cauliflower and candles still.

That first pitch is definitely the "money pitch" of the climb but the upper pitches are quite fun as well. Matt and I romped our way to the top and walked off. The day's warming made for a tricky creek crossing on the way out but we managed with no soaked feet. We were able to take a look across at Bear Creek Falls which appears to need much more cold weather to form.