Friday, December 7, 2007

Ouray Ice Park Conditions and Opening

Here is the official press release from OIPI regarding the opening of the ice park.
December 7, 2007

Ouray Ice Park Inc

RE: Ouray Ice Park Conditions and Opening Date

Dear Ouray Ice Park patrons, Winter weather has been slow to come to the San
Juans this season. Current conditions on the morning of December 7 are such
that we do not have climbable conditions in the Ouray Ice Park. However, it
is currently snowing in Ouray and cold temperatures are predicted to be
below freezing all next week. With any luck, climbing conditions may

The Ouray Ice Park Board of Directors as well as the staff will walk the
Park Wednesday, December 12 to assess safety and ice conditions. Please
check in with us that evening for an Ice Park conditions update, and status
of the Park's opening on Saturday, December 15.

Have an ice day!!
Ouray Ice Park, Inc.