Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gravity's Rainbow Dec 24

Climbed Gravity's Rainbow Christmas Eve with the Giblet. It was fat and easy. There are a couple distinct lines in right now that offer super fun climbing. I started up the independent pillar, but was soon soaked to the bone. I opted for the far right side instead. Great slabs and mini pillars took us 70meters up to the big ledge and fixed anchor off to the right. Mike led the 2nd pitch, discovering the high point of previous attempts, a screw well frozen over just below the snice eggshell finish. 2 70meter raps and we were back down before the sun hit the road.

Conditions look favorable for Gravity's to hang around for the week. Kennedy's and Mixed Emotions also look like they might be good soon. There were tracks leading up to Kennedy's, but I have not heard of a send yet. The first pitch looked ok in the dawn light, but was a waterfall by noon when I came back up the pass for a ski.

Photos : The Natural leads up the left side pillar. Gravity's Rainbow from the approach trail.