Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec 3. Ouray Ice Conditions Report

The last storm brought snow to the high country, but rain down here in Ouray. The park held up well and is again gaining size. With some colder temps now, the ice should be in great shape, as usual, for opening day Dec. 15.

Ice conditions in other parts of the San Juans are quite variable. Eureka has been reliable, with Gully 2, Goldrush, Highway to Hell, and Hoser's Highway being very good. The South Mineral Climbs have also been good, although I'm not sure if you can still drive in or not.

Skylight, the Ribbon, and BBB are trying to come in and should be fat when it gets cold again. All the skylight climbs were running a lot yesterday (mon). The talisman has a bunch of ice, but looks quite sporty and hollow in sections.

Horsetail is running. Dexter has some ice, but I haven't been up close.

The ice hose  is reportedly very difficult. A couple of strong teams have backed off recently.

Going to Eureka tomorrow, I try to get some photos up of everything.