Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Canada!

Well, I wrapped up with Paul a week or so ago. We went out with a bang! Paul stepped up and bagged one of the coolest ice routes on the planet, The Sorcerer.

We took it easy on his last day and climbed the classic Guinness Gully. Awesome week, great temps, and good company. I love my job.

Next up were Bobby and Pat from North Carolina. They are Ouray veterans, but this was their first trip to the great white north. We started with the classic Louise Falls, which was a bit burlier than usual and a solid WI5. After a good snowfall, we opted for the Weeping Wall and Icefields tour. Interesting climbing,followed by spectacular scenery.

Weeping Wall

Mt Assiniboine

Mt Andromeda

Mt Athabasca, North Face
Once again we wrapped up the trip with an ascent of the Guinness Gully. Super nice three days.

On Monday I started with the animal himself, Bill K. from San Fransisco. Bill and I have shared some amazing climbs together over the years, but this was his first trip to climb ice in Canada. We started with Guinness Gully, and then made the walk up to the phenomenal Guinness Stout, an extra 80meters of superb WI4+. We went for another mega-classic today and tackled the beautiful Murchison Falls.
Here's Bill coming into the last belay.

It's been fantastic so far. 3 more days to go on this year's Canadian Ice Odyssey. Big Plans!

Cheers, CC