Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ice conditions in the San Juans

In spite of the warm temps as of late the ice climbing remains superb!!

Dexter: Still super fat but likely to have some surface effect from the warm sunny days.

Skylight area: The usual suspects are all in great shape. I hear talk around town of people climbing Killer Pillar. It looks like this area will be good for quite some time.

Ouray Ice Park: FAT CITY! The park is in great shape. Bryson and his crew did an awesome job building things up during the second half of the season. Barring and big rain storms, we'll be climbing in the park for a while. This really is the best time to visit Ouray, the days are getting longer, the weather is great, and the sun actually peeks into the canyon in spots.

Ribbon & Birdbrain: Have seen a few ascents but conditions have been pretty lean. Keep your eyes open though. Many years these climbs will come in quick during March as a result of melt / freeze cycles.

Horsetail: Still in great shape.

Engineer: Hammered by the warm sunny days.

Silverton: Super fat and seeing some traffic since the Avy hazard has calmed down a bit following the previous storm cycles.

Bridalveil & Ames Ice Hose: Still in great shape. First pitch of the Hose is a little thin, the rock start is always a good option.

Thanks for your interest in ice conditions around Ouray. We look forward to seeing you around town.

Happy Trails,