Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Juan Ice Conditions Update

Dexter: Still Fat.

Horsetail: Good ice, little snowy. Some guys climbed Bear Creek today as well in "refrozen" conditions.

Skylight: All major flows are good to go. Did all 4 on Friday. Killer Pillar is not fully formed. Tourist Trap and Fractured Fairytales have plenty of ice.

Ice Park: Sweetness everywhere!

Ribbon and Birdbrain: Climbable, I guess. I haven't done either this year.

Engineer: Nada.

Silverton: I'm sure the ice is good, but avi conditions are a bit sketch for us to send guides that way yet.

Bridalveil: Busy, a little different than usual. Definitely IN.

Ice Hose: Good, don't expect gear on the first crux.

Silverpick: Appeared to not be in while driving by.