Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eureka Ice Climbs

A few of us went back to Eureka to have a look at some other things. They had more snow than expected, 6-8" on the road, but we were able to drive to the gullies. Once they plow this storm cycle the berm at Eureka may be too big to surmount though. Things looked to have grown in the last few days but are still very lean and snow covered, perfect for bludgeoning new picks. We climbed Tempered by Fire, a nice 1 pitch route up the road from the gullies. It was a little hollow and thin but ok overall.We had a look in South Mineral on the way home, and things are looking bigger but very wet on the pillars. Back to drytooling for a couple days.Snowblind is fat but look pretty drippy.
Cheers, CC