Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silverton Ice Conditions

I got up to Eureka in Silverton to climb with Stefan from New Brunswick today. We did 1st and 2nd gullies. They were both in great shape. 1st gully is characteristically a bit on the thinner side but there is plenty to climb.
1st Gully
Stairway looks pretty heads up but probably doable. Goldrush looks climbable but a bit on the thin side, bring some rock gear. Further up the road Tempered by Fire looks ok, but the three stooges look like they need some time.

Have you ever climbed Burns Gulch? Its further up the road and looks pretty good. There are lots of cool drips and pillars forming with the melting snow.
2nd Gully
All this cloudy weather and snow will be really good for the snow melt fed climbs that are looking like they could get pretty darn good if it keeps snowing. I hope that helps for those of you wondering what it looks like out here. Stefan and I will be out for the next couple of days so check back to find out about South Mineral Creek and/or Camp Bird.
Goldrush you can't see the bottom pitch which is usually the thin one.

Burns Gulch
Did I mention north facing powder skiing?