Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bailin' on the Brain

Not often do you get to read about a couple of guys running home with their tail between their legs. But sometimes it happens!

On Monday, my co-worker and I decided to try and climb Birdbrain. We had heard of a recent ascent and figured we could scratch our way up as well. We didn't look too close at at the forecast before we drove up there. All looked chill as we walked up and racked at the base. I took off and climbed up to the first pin anchor on the left. From there, Pat took the lead and headed into the chimney.

As Pat left the anchor, the wind kicked up, and a steady flow of spindrift quickly grew to rapid torrents. Somehow, Pat made it up to the next anchor, climbing the steep bulge with no ice through heavy downpours. I enjoyed my pitch of fresh faceshots, and we got the hell out of there!

There is no doubt that one could scratch their way all the way up Birdbrain right now. We felt like it was too risky with the spindrift. There are mandatory long run-outs with poor gear, insecure climbing, and marginal anchors. I doubt I'll be back over there this year, but it was nice to have a little adventure.
Cheers, CC