Monday, November 8, 2010

North San Juan Ice Climbing

Climbed the 2nd Gully Route in Eureka today. No snow anywhere in the area. Ice was thin but generally well formed, protectable, and fun to climb.
Cory leads up the first steep step.

The final headwall into the upper gully and walk off.
 1st Gully looked to be possible, as did the Highway to
Hell. Everything else was super bony. Went into South Mineral Creek as well. The Direct North Face Route had a bunch of ice but didn't quite look go to go. Snowblind is still forming. The campground couloirs had a bit pf ice and could probably get scratched up if you really get the jones. 
Hopefully this next system will give us another blast of ice generating conditions. 

We will be keeping a ice condition table this winter at 

Happy Winter Season, CC