Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Black Canyon Season

It is starting to get really nice in the Black Canyon. First day of
Autumn means its time to go to the North Rim, right?
I've been down SOB twice in the last couple weeks. It is brisk in the dawn chill, but the sun soon creeps around depending on what route you do. Kevin hadn't had the pleasure of climbing the Casual Route, so with some clouds above we opted for a shorter objective. The old school 5.8 squeeze-chimney is always a good grovel.I went back with GMon and climbed the Russian Arete on Monday. It was great. There were two parties in the canyon, light clouds, and beautiful oak brush colors on the rim. The climb features lots of fun 5.8 stemming, a steep 5.9 pegmatite corner, and lots of 4th and 5th class ridge climbing to get off. A true Black Adventure for fit moderate climbers.
Enjoy the Autumn! CC