Monday, July 7, 2008

fun in the summer snow

I was in Yankee Boy for a day of snow school with David today. Condidtions are still great for spring alpine snow and mixed climbing in the San Juan's. The SW ridge of Sneffel's has great snow leading to the ridge. The north facing routes on Gilpin still look to be amazing. Teakettle is hanging in there as well. This is certainly proving to be a most amazing spring alpine season.

Visited the Black Canyon on Sat. Part of our group climbed Maiden Voyage & the other part did Leisure Climb. What a spectacular place to climb!

Other outings this past week included a trip up the Light Line just south of Ouray. This 1200 foot alpine rock route provides such an impressive view of the valley from Ironton all the way to Ouray.

Happy Trails,