Saturday, November 24, 2007

Early Season Ice

South Mineral Creek 11/23/07

Went to South Mineral Creek today with a local client to do some ice climbing. Snowing very hard on the south side of Red Mountain. There were 5 inches on the road as we drove in. We couldn't see the climbs it was snowing so hard. Started to approach Campground Couloirs, but soon discovered that the last snowfall had dramatically increased the river flow. Where 4 days ago I skipped easily across the stream, there was now a full torrent. There was a covering of ice, but not strong enough to walk on. I got wet. We continued to scout other crossings before deciding the cards were not stacked in our favor.

Most north facing climbs are in good shape over there though. In the last week I have been up the Direct North Face, Snowblind, and the campground couloirs. They were a bit wet then, but its much colder now. We'll see if this snow blocks the road, the climbs will be great if the avi hazard doesn't increase too much.

The gullies in Eureka are in as well and fun moderate climbing.

Chow, JW